MC Wave

The McWave system has been designed for aquariums, animal parks. The system is based on resonance of waves and so necessitates a good resonance capacity of the tank or the pool (quality of freeboards). Depending on the configuration of the pool and it’s surface, various Mc Wave systems can be combined to reach desired effect.

The waves created by the McWave are of stationary type (swell) , classically one frequency from 250mHz up to 600mHz, wave height: from 20cm up to 30cm crest to through depending on the size and shape of the tank.

The McWave System is composed of a box made in Stainless-steel, which is fixed on the tank wall, half immerged. This box is powered by one blower (3.3 kW) and is equipped with a control valve. A pneumatic cylinder actuates this valve. Based on the principle of resonance, the movement created and repeated by the box creates waves of increasing magnitude.