Can the Wave Ball be installed in an existing pool ?

Yes, the Wave Ball can work in any kind of pool, whatever its shape and/or its size. Don’t hesitate to communicate us the characteristics of your pool, we will provide you a simulation with the different possible waves.  

What to do with the Ball when it is not working ?

At stop position, the Wave Ball can: stay on the water, ready for the next session ; be moved thanks to a winch available in option in order to let the pool free. be placed in a « garage » for Ball if it was planed at the time of designing the pool. The WOW Wave Balls have a lot of purposes, they allow realistic trainings for canoe or rescue courses, they give life to floating objects and increase the pleasure of swimmers, they are a relaxing element in aquagym courses, they have a positive action in trainings against aqua phobia.

Which income could I have with the installation of a Wave Ball ?

The discountable income depends on numerous elements; it’s thus very difficult to precise. Nevertheless, we have already registered increasing attendances of 50%. The rope allow to keep the ball in its ideal area of working, corresponding to its programming. The electric cable is not sufficient to hold the ball because the watertightness at entrance of the cable in the ball is not expected to support the traction caused by the lack of rope.

What is the operation cost?

Unlike traditional wave generators using a lot of energy hungry pumps, Waveball use resonance principle to efficiently generate waves in your pool. The majority of classical waves generators (pistons, water tanks or fans) consume a lot of energy. Moreover, they create a wave which is lifted and definitely lost after being injected into the pool. Wave Ball use all energy intelligently for a more impressive result. The resonance is managed by a computer software that takes both the pool configuration and environment changes into account.

Is the maintenance particular ?

The ball requires not much maintenance if it is correctly and regularly inspected. We provide regular inspection instructions for the position of the ball, the rope and its cable (wear pieces) to the pool’s staff during the training made by the installer.

Is a particular supervision requested ?

Such as toboggans, the ball requires a supervision to make the security instructions apply (don’t jump on the Ball, don’t swim under the Ball, …)

What are the risks?

The only real noticed risks are in the lack of supervision and the non respect of security instructions – example : to jump on the Ball from the edge of the pool. This handling doesn’t represent any risk because the control box is totally waterproof and supplied with low pressure. It is designed in order to be used at the edge of the pool with wet hands and foots.

Could the cable bother the swimmers ?

The ball tends to push the swimmers back with its movement in water. The cable is generally integrated in the bottom of the pool and doesn’t represent any trouble to the swimmers. Its weight (3kg/m) is sufficient to keep it at the bottom of the pool.

Is it dangerous to have an electrical machine in the water ?

The Wave Ball meets the international security standards of pool installations (TUV certificate, UTE,…). It works with 12V and represents no risk for swimmers. Moreover it is equipped with sensors which stop the ball in case of humidity or if there is a risk of short-circuit. It can be restarted after identification and resolution of the problem.

What kind of waves can we obtain ?

The result differs according to the actual characteristics of your pool. The ball once installed allow to create waves of various amplitudes, attributed to 3 control buttons corresponding to the low, medium and high modes. A « Rodeo » button could also be programmed. The Rodeo mode proposes rough and irregular waves. Finally, it’s possible to combine these modes, as well as poses in programmed sequences of defined duration. Other kinds of waves can be programmed and stocked in the system.


The Wave ball installation generally requires 2 works days. During these 2 days, the pool can be opened for the public. However, we have to precise that it still depends on the infrastructure of the pool. The installation program consists in the actual installation, the programming and the training of the staff. Yes of course, this transfer will require a new installation which will imply additional costs. A rotation between several pools is also conceivable, on condition that you are equipped with a movable control unit.

What is the optimal pool for a Wave Ball ?

The perfect pool is a resonant pool with good freeboards. This kind of perfect pool is proposed as « wave cage » concept – a very intensive attraction for a total release. In reality, it’s rare to find this kind of pool for aesthetic, comfort and creativity reasons. The architects prefer to vary the shapes and designs. So, the our technical teams propose their support to optimize the waves production with the maximum respect of their creative freedom, the security and the constraints of the site.

What is the minimal depth necessary ?

It depends on the model of Wave Ball chosen. Each machine has its own security parameters. The smaller model requires 110cm of water within 3m around the Ball, the bigger model requires 180cm of water within 5m around the Ball.

I have an overflowing pool – can I place a Wave Ball ?

The overflowing is incompatible with waves. To place a waves machine and keep the water into the pool, we can : Reduce the water level or increase the edges level to allow the creation of waves. If we reduce the water level A minimum of 35cm between the « quiet » water level and the upper edge of the pool is essential. It’s required to reduce the water level to maximum in order to use all the potential of the Wave Ball. In that case, either we throw the water, or we put the water in a backup tank which will inject again the water after the waves session.

Is there requirements for the installation of the Wave Ball ?

Yes, the only two requirements are the following: The existence of a freeboard or the possibility to reduce the water level in the pool; The existence of an electric connection.